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Lynn - Stylist


For over four decades I have been in the hair industry. Styles and fashion fads have come along as disappeared just as quickly.
Other hairstyles have grabbed the full circle and appeared yet again.

At this moment in time we are in a very elegant feminine era. The brides together with the princesses of the School Proms are
exploring the endless patterns of hair up styles.

I can offer you formal sixties, some swept and flowing, zany and braided, curly and artistic. Retro fifties, even vintage forties, together
with the prominent victory tolls. I will offer you time to discuss your choice to better suit your outfit.

Hair up styles have often been avoided as a choice with the fear of the sheer amount of pins and grips needed perhaps causing headaches
and discomfort. Never feet give me and a comb and I can put your hair up with the minimum of iron wear giving you comfort all day long
and well into the evening, giving you a worry free relaxed time.

Contact me for a professional experienced touch.

Price examples
Hair up - From £25-00
Specialised perming - From £47-00
Wash & Blow dry - £16-00
Roller Set - £14-00
Curling/Straightening - £10-00

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