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Kym - Founder & Creator


Founder of Salon U and creator of the business in November 2005.

Since starting my Career in 1976, I have been continuosly enthusiastic to develop new skills and techniques.
Always eager to invest in education and courses within the industry.

My knowledge has mostly come from experiencing different trends and ideas throughout many years and since owning my own business
has gained much enjoyment in involving the salon in promotional shows and charity events. It creates motivation, excitement, leading to
great re-pore and atmosphere with both staff and clients with in the Salon.

Creative cutting
One length and bobs are always a classic choice
Easy for the client to manage and style and can be adapted to most lengths
Shaping can be added around the front area to suit and soften most face contours
What needs to be considered when choosing a style is the amount of fullness and body that can be achieved with the thickness and texture
of the hair structure. It is always advisable to try a longer length graduated cut before heavy layering
Even though ‘thick’ hair needs to have the weight taken away it might not agree with short layers. Fine hair can look too spars with short layers
rather tan giving height

As flattering as fringes can be they are generally high maintenance to keep looking exact. Not everyone has a perfect hairline, which means constant
blow drying or straightening to achieve the desired look. Fringes are also difficult to grow out so we would recommend to try a longer side sweeping effect first

There are many different types of colour and tone work available today. A natural base colour of mid brown to blonde could take any colour
combination easily without any stress to the hair
Natural darker hair, deep browns or black are more difficult as they contain many reds and gold pigments that have to be lifted or naturalized
Already processed hair needs professional advise to obtain a good result, especially lifting dark browns blacks and plums, or darkening
lightened or bleach tones. It must be understood that these processes may need several applications, conditioning treatment and products which
will prove costly and long term high maintenance to continue to retain the achieved look.

Price examples
Cut & Finish £30-00
Wet/Dry Cut £18-00
1/2 Head of Highlights £37-00
Full Head of Highlights £61-00
Root Tint £30-00
Full Head Tint £40-00

(Prices are not inclusive of cut or blowdry)

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