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Dot - Therapist


I have been working for Salon U for over 8 years. I specialise in Hot Stones, Reiki, Tarot Reading and Crystal Healing.
I am very friendly and get on well with the whole Salon U team, also I pride myself in customer satisfaction and my spare time
is taken up looking after my two little granddaughters and cooking for my family and friends.

Hot stone massage is a speciality massage that use smooth, heater stones, otherwise known as basalt; a black volcanic rock that helps tighten
muscles to release. They are used with essentials oils which restores balance for the mind and body. The benefits of a hot stone message are:

• Ease muscular pain
• Relieves back pain
• Improves circulation
• Relieves symptoms related to rheumatism and arthritis

Reiki healing
Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the use of universal life force it is channelled through the practitioners hands. Sometime crystals are
used as well combining the two energies. Reiki energy brings deep relaxation, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, this also brings back a sense
of purpose to your life.

Tarot cards
Helps you to unlock any problems, to have an insight into your future, and helps with every day stress and problems.

Price examples
Hot Stones Massage - (1hr) £27-00
Reiki (1hr) - £22-00
Tarrot Card Readings - £27-00

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