ZLMI Baby Carrier Multi-Functional Breathable Comfortable Strap Waist Stool Front Holding Baby Carrier - B07GBBKCJ2

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  • Summer foldable, no top breathable winter can stand up, head protection, neck protection, protect the spine

  • Removable sunscreen sleep cap, alert to the sun's damage to the baby outdoors, direct sunlight is the cause of damage to the baby's vision and skin sunburn should wear a sun hat to protect the eyes and facial skin

  • The 35° slope of the golden comfort is tested and investigated by the 12,000-year-old baby of different ages and weights. When the inclination is 35°, the baby can naturally fit the parents' body and the baby is more secure.

  • The detachable design of the back plate is ventilated and ventilated. It adopts anti-hive honeycomb design, 360° automatic moisture venting, real-time adjustment of baby's body temperature, PP stool heart can bear 50 kg, to meet the baby 0-4 years old use!

  • The height of the strap can be adjusted freely to suit the baby of different ages. From 0 to April, the shoulder can be held 45cm long with the head function. Remove the 21cm toward the front and not close the mouth, lower the 37cm with the protective back panel. 45 cm high head / sun shade

  • can be used in any occasion to meet your baby's needs
    Name: Multifunctional strap + waist stool
    Pure cotton material: face cloth: 100% cotton
    Mesh: 100% polyester fiber
    Lining: 100% polyester fiber
    Waist: suitable for 70-110cm (2.1-3.3 feet)
    Polyester cotton material: face cloth: 100% polyester fiber
    Bearing capacity: 25 kg (with a single stool recommended within 15 kg)
    Applicable age: 0-48 months
    ◎ - Please check all parts before use to ensure that they are used intact.
    ◎ - When using a full set of straps, please fasten the zipper and the Velcro buckle at the joint.
    ◎· When using this product, please use one arm to protect your baby to prevent falling.
    ◎· When using this product, there must be no violent movements such as bending, jumping, cycling, running, etc., so as to prevent the baby from falling.
    ◎· Beineng waist stool products adopt full-process enamel printing and dyeing fabrics, the color fastness of washing color is up to standard, and it can be safely washed without fading.
    Washing instructions
    Hand wash at 30 °C, do not turn the cage dry, do not bleach, do not iron, hang dry, not wash

    ZLMI Baby Carrier Multi-Functional Breathable Comfortable Strap Waist Stool Front Holding Baby Carrier - B07GBBKCJ2

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