Baby Carrier Cotton Comfort and Multi-Function Baby Waist Stool Orange Waist stoo - B07HMMTNH2

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  • Design; ergonomic baby carrier with excellent support. We recommend that you start taking your child after 199 months.

  • High quality materials; soft fabric ensures that the baby's legs are not rubbed. Breathable 190D oxford fabric, breathable and comfortable, suitable for any season.

  • Bring ultimate comfort to your parents - extra padding and wide waistband for baby backpacks for stability and decompression; goodbye to waist and back pain

  • Easy to wear: intuitive, easy to wear and easy to wear for maximum comfort.

  • Wide compatibility; this backpack is suitable for babies weighing approximately 8-32 pounds (3.6-14.5KG). Choose from 190 ways to carry, just choose your favorite backpack location

  • Product category; strap / backpack
    Strap method; shoulders
    Strap function; front hug
    Maximum load; 20kg
    Applicable age; 3-36 months
    size: one size
    Color; orange
    Suitable for the season; four seasons universal
    Material; cotton
    1 help the baby's normal development of the spine according to the baby's ergonomically designed waist stool, can help the baby's spine develop normally.
    2 improve the baby's sleep quality, the newborn baby does not want to leave the mother for a moment, in the mother's arms can sleep more practical, sleep quality is better.
    3 to promote the baby's second signal system development often take the baby out, let him look at the wonderful world outside, can promote the baby's second signal system development, enhance the baby's sensory ability.
    .4 reduce the baby's excessive inhalation of dust, use the waist stool to provide intimate care for the baby, reduce dust inhalation, make the baby healthier!
    5 Help the baby's physical and mental health and development use the strap or waist stool, which is conducive to the emotional exchange between adults and babies, and help the baby's physical and mental health.
    6 can replace the trolley to more places to take the baby out to travel on weekends, climbing the mountain to breathe more fresh air, not only can broaden the horizon, but also conducive to the healthy development of the body.

    Baby Carrier Cotton Comfort and Multi-Function Baby Waist Stool Orange Waist stoo - B07HMMTNH2

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